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Advantages and disadvantages of shaft conveyor blades


Advantages and disadvantages of shaft conveyor blades:


1. Have efficient production methods, save raw materials, etc. Spiral continuous cold rolling mill blades have the advantages of smooth surface, high hardness, one-time forming, continuous welding, etc.

2. Adopting rotary continuous shaft conveyor spiral blade, continuous shaft spiral blade made of imported high-strength steel, the pitch error after forming is less than 5 mm, the blade surface is smooth to ensure stability, and the chilled surface is used when preparing , The hardness is about twice higher than that of ordinary blades. The high-precision blades are used to ensure that the conveyed materials are filled on the tube body. The equipment status can be judged by the suction port with a canvas sleeve.

3. There is a rotating intermediate suspension bearing support seat in the internal wheelbase. Cast steel or cast aluminum materials are often used as the intermediate suspension bearing seat. The single cantilever type support mechanism makes the blade interruption interval shorter at the front and rear connections, and the material flows through The section conveys smoothly, suitable for conveying cement, fly ash, mineral powder and other powdery and granular materials, and the price is relatively high.



1. The disadvantage of the stainless steel shaft conveyor blade is that the middle part is deformed too much, which makes the spiral blade bend larger, and it is easy to collide with the casing hole and make strong noise. In severe cases, the motor may stop or even cause the motor. Phenomena such as coil burnt.

2. According to years of production experience, the spiral blade manufacturer can take the following measures in response to the above situation: There is a 10 mm gap between the outer circle of the ordinary spiral blade and the inner hole of the housing, the rotating mechanism adopts an eccentric structure design, and the rotator screw shaft Intersect with the rotation center line of the chassis by 8 mm, which ingeniously solves the collision and noise generated during the rotation of the rotator

3. The deflection of the middle part of the spiral shaft is larger, and the deflection at the two gaps is smaller. The middle section should increase the clearance between the shells and the spiral shaft bends downwards, because the clearance is increased, which reduces the outer circle of the spiral blade. The opportunity to contact with the inner hole of the shell solves the noise problem caused by bending.