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Analysis of the breakage of the scraper chain


Scraper chainFracture analysis

Scraper chains can be roughly divided into three categories according to their stress conditions:

1. Strong chain breaking, the impact force is greater than its static breaking load, and it breaks suddenly. This form of chain breaking is also called brittle fracture, which often occurs on the opposite side of welding, welding heat affected zone or the middle part of the joint ring bay area.

2. Fatigue broken link, its stress is less than its static rupture load, but fatigue failure occurs due to long-term pulsating load. This type of fracture is also called plastic fracture, usually in the link between the link bay area and the straight line part. Place.

3. The chain scission of the hybrid refers to the phenomenon of breaking under the interlaced action of long-term impact load and pulse. The fracture showed obvious plastic deformation area, and the lips were uneven and deformed.

Analysis of the causes of chain breakage of scraper

1. The working surface swings off or the scraper conveys excessively curved

Assuming that the scraper conveyor bends too much, compared with the inner chain factory, the outer chain of the scraper chain is longer, and the load of the scraper chain is concentrated on the outer chain, causing the outer chain to break. When the machine drives the gears for high-speed motion, if the gear meshes poorly, the gear meshing part will not be able to withstand the main transmission torque and the cutting force of the turning tool. If the tooth surface is damaged prematurely, it will inevitably lead to accidents such as tooth punching, caragana, and stuffy cars, and the motor conveyor belt will slip and scream.


2. Measures to reduce failure

Do daily maintenance. In the process of machine tool manufacturing and use, various large or small faults often occur. In addition to part of the reason for the natural life of the machine tool, another part of the reason is that the normal maintenance work of the equipment is ignored, so that minor faults evolve into major problems. malfunction. The operator is equivalent to half a maintenance worker, and the operator should pay attention to the signs of machine failure. When dealing with a fault, a maintenance person must first understand the conditions before and after the fault occurs to the operator, and can quickly determine the fault area based on the information provided by the operator, and conduct key inspections on the fault area. Operators and maintenance personnel are required to have a high sense of responsibility in their work, work hard to study the business, improve the technical level, know the use status and maintenance of the equipment, and increase the utilization rate. Let the equipment reach its full potential.