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Related introduction of fu scraper conveyor


The performance characteristics and application scope of fu scraper conveyor:

There are two types of transmission, which are suitable for various occasions. The transmission mechanism is a combined transmission of a shaft-mounted reducer and a first-level V-belt. The fu type scraper conveyor is widely used in bulk density< l.6="" t/m3.="" it="" has="" strong="" abrasiveness="" and="" can="" continuously="" convey="" powder,="" granules="" and="" small="" pieces="" of="" materials,="" such="" as="" coal="" powder,="" crushed="" coal,="" cement,="" powder="" large="" conveying="" materials="" (≤600="" t/h)="" such="" as="" coal="" ash,="" coke="" powder,="" coke="" grains,="" mineral="" powder,="" fertilizer,="" grains,="" long-distance="" conveying="" materials="" (gg="" lt;="" 60="" m),="" and="" high="" temperature="" (gg="" lt;="">

The advantages of fu scraper conveyor are:

Simple structure: In the conveying length, any point can be in and out.

Sturdy structure: it can withstand the impact, impact, impact, fracturing and other external forces of coal, gangue or other materials. It can meet the requirements of uneven floor of coal mining face and bending of elbows, and can withstand vertical and horizontal bending.

Easy to install: it can also be used as a track required for the operation of the coal mining machine.

Application flexibility: Reverse operation can be used to facilitate handling of down-chain failures. It can be used as a support point at the front of the liquid night stand.

Features and conveying capacity of fu scraper conveyor:

1. The conveying capacity is large, which can convey a large amount of materials in a small capacity space, and the conveying capacity is 15~500m3/h.

2. The conveying energy consumption is low, and the internal consumption material screw conveying is adopted, which can save 40%~60%.

3. The sealing is safe, the shell is completely sealed, so that the dust can be drilled seamlessly, the operation is safe, and the work is reliable.

4. Long service life, the conveyor chain adopts alloy steel for advanced heat treatment, its normal service life is> 3 years, and the roller life on the conveyor chain is 1 to 3 years.

5. The conveying length is long, and the horizontal line can reach more than 60 meters.


6. The process layout is flexible, and it can be installed on high ground, pit, slope (15), and can be accessed at multiple points.

7. Low use cost, energy saving, durable, extremely low maintenance rate, reduce consumption and improve efficiency.

Selection and process layout of fu scraper conveyor:

The transmission capacity range of each model at different connection speeds is shown in the table. Different models can be selected for the same transportation mode. If you choose a large model, the chain speed is lower and the wear is smaller, but the equipment investment is larger; if you choose a small model, the chain speed is faster and the wear is larger, but the equipment investment is higher. small. It should be pointed out that when the actual conveying capacity is less than 65% of the conveying capacity of the machine, the conveying chain will run dry due to the material layer being too thin in the trough, which will also increase wear. In order to achieve this goal, it is recommended that the actual conveying capacity of the conveyor should not be less than the minimum conveying capacity in Table 1, or greater than the maximum conveying capacity multiplied by 1.2.