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What are the problems that should be paid attention to in the scraper conveyor


For many years, the company has been committed to the design and supporting work of conveying equipment. On this basis, the problems that should be paid attention to in the design of general-purpose scraper conveyors are proposed:

Understand the basic principles and characteristics of the scraper conveyor: it is mainly composed of a closed shell (groove), a scraper chain, a driving device and a tensioning device. The machine is simple in structure, small in size, good in sealing performance, easy to install and maintain; the process layout is more flexible, it can be transported horizontally, and the bulk material has the characteristics of internal friction and side pressure. The horizontal conveying of the scraper chain is caused by the thrust of the scraper chain in the moving direction and the gravity of the scraper chain itself, which produces internal friction. When the internal friction between the scraper chain and the groove wall is greater than the external friction, the The plate chain forms a continuous, whole body, and the material is conveyed through the scraper chain. When the ratio of the material layer height to the machine groove width is constant, the material flow is stable.

When conveying vertically, it mainly depends on the arching characteristics of the material. Due to the thrust of the scraper chain in the direction of movement, the material in the machine trough will generate lateral pressure. Due to internal friction and downward friction, the material will be on the material under the lateral pressure. The thrust is greater than the external friction, and there is gravity between the material and the tank wall, so that the material will be sent to the scraper chain. During the movement of the scraper chain, due to the vibration of the scraper chain, the material arch of part of the material is destroyed, causing the material to lag behind the scraper chain, making the material speed lower than the chain speed. Inclined conveying, vertical conveying, multi-point feeding and unloading; because the shell is sealed,


Selection, basic design and calculation:

To understand the basic characteristics of the material being conveyed, determine the feasibility of choosing a scraper conveyor to convey the material. The scraper conveyor has a great relationship with the performance of the material, and generally has the following requirements for the transportation of the material:

The material bulk density ρ< 1.8="" t/m3,="" it="" is="" recommended="" to="" transport="">< 1.0="" t/m3="">

The adhesive properties of the material require that it can be loosened after being kneaded into a dough by hand.

In fact, for the scraper conveyor, there are still many aspects that need attention, such as performance and use.