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How to repair the fault of Jiaolong conveyor


The main faults of Jiaolong conveyor are as follows:

1. Connecting bolts are prone to sprain

In the screw conveyor, the head-end connecting bolt composed of multiple spirals bears the torque of the full motor, and the torque of the tail screw and the connecting bolt decreases. In this way, the connecting bolts of the head section are easily twisted off.

Method: Use high-strength bolts at the head section. It can also be connected by three bolts as needed to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor and prevent the connecting bolts from being shortened.

2. Vulnerable parts of suspension bearing

In the production process, the factors that affect the suspension bearing include the working environment, working conditions, the nature of the conveying material, the structure, and the manufacturing quality. Especially because the suspension bearing is buried in the material, if the sealing and lubrication is not good, it is easy to bring the material particles into the contact surface of the bearing bush and the journal and accelerate the wear.

Countermeasures: Use wear-resistant bearing bushes to ensure processing quality; ensure good sealing and lubrication performance, and extend the service life of suspension bearings


3. The mounting position of the suspension bearing is incorrect, causing the thread to jam or squeeze

Solution: The suspension bearing should be installed concentric with the connecting shaft, and the concentricity of each suspension bearing should be ensured to ensure the helicity of each part; there should be a certain gap between the end face of the connecting shaft and the end face of the screw shaft, generally It is 10-20 mm; the two halves of each suspension bearing should be firmly connected, and the spiral rotation should be kept flexible in the radial gap of the connecting shaft.

Fourth, add mouth dump material

Material accumulation at the feed port is essentially a clogging phenomenon. For materials with strong arching characteristics, high humidity and large lumps, especially materials that cannot be fed uniformly, material accumulation failures are prone to occur.

Countermeasures: The materials that do not meet the transportation requirements shall not be loaded; the feeding shall be uniform; shall not be knocked at the feeding port to avoid deformation of the trough.