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Precautions and cleaning methods of chain in chain scraper


The common faults of chain scraper are as follows:

1. The chain is too loose, scrape it off with asphalt mixture, causing damage.

2. The steel bars and other debris are mixed in the asphalt mixture, which jams the chain and causes the scraper to not rotate.

3. The connecting bolts of the unfolding machine bottom plate are loose, and the bottom plate is cracked and warped, causing the scraper conveyor to jam.

4. The scraper chain on the right is broken and damaged.

5. The bearings at the front and rear ends of the scraper chain are damaged.

Note when cleaning the chain:


Certain strong acid or alkali cleaners, such as rust removers, cannot be used when washing the chain. These chemicals will cause damage to the chain material. When the damage is serious, it will break and cause mechanical failure. Some chain washing machines with solvents also Will damage the chain material, so it cannot be used for chain washing.

After each use, especially in rainy or humid environments, the chain should be cleaned in time to ensure good transmission performance. Generally speaking, a new car is full of oil layers. I mean the oil on the chain, but that is not a lubricant. It should be the engine oil for protection. Considering that the oil layer may take longer to prevent the chain from rusting, this oil is not Lube out. Refueling is required after a period of operation.

The part itself contains a high-viscosity lubricant. Some scouring and oil-removing organic solvents cannot be used. If used, the lubricating oil in the bearing part will be washed off, and the inner ring will become dry. No matter what kind of segment lubrication is added in the future Oil does not help. Besides, this solvent is also harmful to the environment.

What should be paid attention to when cleaning the chain of the chain scraper?

Chain washing and cleaning agents are generally recommended to use neutral detergents, such as detergents mixed with water and neutral soap, but chain washing and cleaning agents still have a certain degreasing ability, but the amount of degreasing is very small and can be ignored. Some companies choose diesel or kerosene cleaning, which can also clean the chain, but the strong degreasing ability will make the inner ring of the chain astringent, resulting in transmission noise, and it is difficult for the chain to accelerate later. After cleaning, use a dry soft cloth to wipe off the chain and the accessories on the chain. If necessary, an old toothbrush with soapy water can also be used to remove the dirt accumulated on the chain. At the same time, don’t forget to clean the front gearbox and rear guide wheels.