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The principle and characteristics of chain scraper conveyor


Operation mode

The chain scraper conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment for conveying dust, fine particles and bulk materials, and it can be conveyed horizontally and inclined (15°). When conveying, all chains are buried in the material, so it is called chain scraper conveyor.

The dispersed material has the characteristics of friction and side pressure. It is pulled by the downward movement of the conveyor chain in the material tank. The internal pressure increases and the friction between the particles increases to ensure the stable state of the material layers. During this process, the friction between the particles will also increase.

This kind of internal friction ensures the stable state of the horizontal transportation between the layers and forms a continuous overall flow. When the material is thrust in the direction of movement of the chain segment, and the friction coefficient between layers is greater than the external friction coefficient between the trough and the trough wall, it will move forward with the conveyor chain. Under certain conditions, the ratio of the height of the material layer to the width of the machine slot can ensure the stability of the material.


Basic Features

1. The conveying capacity is large and the high-efficiency conveyor can convey a large amount of materials in a small capacity space, and its conveying capacity can reach 6m3/h~15m3/h.

2. Conveying energy is low, the internal friction of the material is used to transform the propelling material into the stretched material, and the maximum work done by the moving parts is converted into effective work, which can save 40% to 60% of the electric energy.

3. The sealing is safe, the whole machine is fully sealed in the shell, so that the dust can drill seamlessly, the operation is simple, safe and reliable. The equipment will not endanger personal safety, thus avoiding accidents. The transportation of flying, toxic, high temperature, flammable and explosive materials can improve working conditions and reduce environmental pollution.

4. Long service life. The conveyor chain is made of alloy steel material through advanced heat treatment, and its normal service life can reach more than 5 years. The service life of the roller is 2 to 3 years.

5. The arrangement of the seven methods is very flexible. Various types of outlets and outlets can be selected at any position of the shell, which can be high, ground or low pits; can be climbing or inclined (150) conveying; conveying length can be designed according to user requirements .

6. Low cost of use, energy saving and environmental protection, high maintenance rate, can ensure the normal operation of the host, increase output, reduce consumption and improve efficiency.

7. The conveyed granular materials are not easily broken.