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What are the advantages and disadvantages of u-shaped screw conveyor


U type screw conveyorI believe that everyone is familiar with the analysis of the two major shortcomings and the determination of the speed, and has been learning to operate this product so as to have a comprehensive understanding of it, not just a one-sided understanding. Therefore, according to this situation, and in order to meet the needs of learning, the following will continue to explain the u-shaped screw conveyor, hoping to allow us to gain something and trek. The detailed reasons for the broken rotation during work, assuming that it is broken during work, then the specific reasons for the broken rotation during work are: Reason 1: The amount of conveyed material is too large, causing the material to generate resistance at the machine bearing and load the motor Too large, causing the motor to burn out. Reason 2: The bearing temperature rises too fast, and there may be noise and vibration abnormalities. Then, the malfunction of the motor is caused, which in turn causes the above-mentioned problems.

Confirmation of speed: Since this is related to the delivery flow, confirmation of speed is generally very important. Assuming that its speed is increased, then the output of the conveyor and the working power will be adjusted. However, the bandaging speed cannot be limited, because if the bandaging speed is too high, the material throwing problem will occur. So it also has an upper limit to ensure the smooth delivery of materials, but later the problem was avoided.


U-shaped screw conveyor blockage and preventive measures:

In order to deal with and prevent blockage, the countermeasures are as follows: Coping method 1: The technical parameters should be reasonably approved. Avoid no-load starting and no-load shutdown. When feeding, ensure that it is continuous and even. Solution 2: U-shaped screw conveyor has problems such as poor discharge, which should be dealt with in time. It can also be equipped with rotary blades at the delivery port to avoid material blocking at the end of the delivery port. Solution 3: The horizontal standard of the central suspension bearing of the U-shaped screw conveyor should be shortened as much as possible to avoid the problem of material blocking. Install the anti-blocking valve on the discharge end cover of the conveyor. In addition, you can also install level gauges and plugging devices on the equipment to realize automatic control and alarm functions of the silo.