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How to distinguish the quality of plate chain conveyor


Plate chain conveyorBefore purchasing, we suggest that you may wish to understand the transport aircraft, and have a basic understanding of the structure and scope of application of the transport aircraft. Do some early checks on the internal organizational structure of the plate chain conveyor, such as the transportation carrier, transportation interval, transportation environment and other attributes. These early related knowledge are important vouchers required for later purchase of the machine.

Plate chain conveyors are mainly used in chemical, cement, Tongshan and other industries, and are commonly used conveying equipment in material conveying. It can meet the homework requirements of the enterprise's continuous high-load production, and is uniquely suitable for the transportation of large ore and other large particles.

The plate chain conveyor has simple structure, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance, and is trusted by users. The transport weight can reach hundreds of kilograms, the transport length can reach 40-80 meters, and the promise is 25° tilt. The scale conveyor can transport multiple or loose materials from the warehouse to the crusher and conveyor along a horizontal or inclined target. Or other labor machinery.

Be fully familiar with the inclination angle and homework topographic map of the plate chain conveyor. The structure of the large inclination conveyor belt is a flat rubber conveyor belt glued with flexible wave rubber vertical"skirt" The transverse partitions with certain strength and elasticity are glued together to form the box body, so that the materials can be continuously transported in the box body.


It is suitable for industries such as coal, food, building materials, chemical industry, hydropower and metallurgy. The specific gravity of transportation and accumulation is 0, and the ambient temperature is in the range of -19℃~+40℃. Five years ago, for bulk materials above five tons/ton, choosing a suitable inclination angle can fully improve the performance of the conveyor and increase the safety factor.

The second is the applicability of the material selection of the important chain plates. The properties of different materials are not the same. Some chain plates with high humidity are highly corrosive, and some materials with low humidity but high temperature are ground on the same chain plate. There must be early spying on the material, and the relevant chain plate is selected as the conveying medium, so that the service life of the plate chain conveying can be guaranteed. The above is a few points to determine the plate chain transportation machine as the important equipment, I hope it can be helpful to your purchase.