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How to maintain the scraper conveyor


First of all, in the process of using the scraper conveyor, the relevant operating specifications must be strictly implemented. Try not to start and stop too frequently, and do not allow forced start and stop or overload operation. Although it is said that the equipment cannot be used for long-term idling operations, it must be properly idling for several cycles before each shutdown. If it is located in a downhole environment, pay more attention to the heat dissipation of the equipment, and it is not allowed to open the reducer. For the head and tail positions of the equipment, it can be moved in the stopped state, but for the intermediate tank, it should be moved during operation. In addition, when handling equipment failures, the power must be cut off in advance, and it is not allowed to use anklets to dispose of drifting chains, and the chains are not allowed to break or break during operation.


Then, from the perspective of follow-up maintenance of the scraper conveyor, there are generally two aspects that need to be paid attention to, that is, lubrication protection and daily inspection. The lubrication protection is to regularly lubricate every part that needs grease. Especially when the reducer has been running for 200 hours for the first time, the old oil must be replaced and replaced with new oil. Moreover, the oil should be changed in time after it has been in operation for 5 months or 2000 hours. The operating sequence should be to clean the old oil first, then rinse, and finally add new oil.

The so-called daily inspection is to carefully inspect the scraper conveyor from beginning to end. For example, the installation and connection status of various parts such as chain links, scrapers, etc.; whether the gear is excessively worn; whether the chute is smooth and smooth; whether the oil quantity of the reducer is appropriate; whether the chain is jammed; whether there is material leakage; whether there is any material leakage at the tail Coal powder, hard objects, wood and other debris, or stagnant water, need to be cleaned up.