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Common causes of failure of scraper conveyor


1. Bending and chipping of the scraper-this situation is actually due to the overload of the scraper conveyor. One type of situation is that there is large coal or hard materials in the middle trough, which cannot pass through the shearer, and the scraper acts as a crushing device here, thus overloading the scraper. Another situation is that the abrasion on both sides of the middle groove is too severe, especially the scraper clogging occurs in the hard-to-find lower part of the groove, causing the scraper to be overloaded or broken.

2. The conveyor chain is broken—(1) The manufacturing quality of the scraper conveyor is not up to standard; (2) Natural running abrasion and bending; (3) The chain belt may be too tight due to tooth skipping and chain loss. The length of the two chains is different, and the chain belt and the chain are damaged; (4) The working environment is poor, such as large hard materials on the working belt, instantaneous suspension and too frequent start and stop will cause the fatigue of the chain belt And is stretched until it breaks.


Third, the chain belt jumps-this situation generally occurs on the sprocket on the front side of the scraper conveyor. The end result is to induce deformation, break the link and cause the scraper to bend. The main reasons for chain jumps are as follows: (1) the scraper chain is loose; (2) the distance between the links is elongated; (4) the length of the chain on both sides is different; (5) the scraper Deformation and bending; (3) There is embedded hard material or the top of the saw tooth is abraded and bald, which causes the chain link to be jacked up and cause tooth jump; (6) The sprocket is severely corroded; Mistakes.

Fourth, the sound of the reducer is abnormal — (1) The heat dissipation and cooling conditions of the reducer are not good; (2) The bearing is worn out, there is dirt in the cabinet or the bearing gap is too large; (3) The gear mesh is not tight, Severe wear, broken teeth, or dirt adhered to the surface; (4) The amount of oil injection is not suitable, or the oil quality is not clean; (5) The position of the chain belt of the scraper conveyor jumps teeth.