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Features and uses of U-shaped screw conveyor


Features and applications of u-shaped screw conveyor

The screw conveyor uses a motor to drive the screw to push the material to achieve its purpose. The machine has simple structure, small cross-sectional area, convenient operation, easy maintenance, convenient enclosed transportation, and suitable for horizontal, inclined or vertical transportation. According to its conveying method, the screw conveyor can be divided into shaft type and shaftless type, and its external shape can be divided into U-shaped screw conveyor and tubular screw conveyor.

The price of the u-type screw conveyor depends on the installation conditions, flange diameter, feed distance, material temperature, material size, whether the material is corroded (whether stainless steel is used or not), material moisture content, installation angle, conveying length and other parameters; The material (carbon steel or stainless steel) of the shaft and other parts can be selected according to the user's parameters; the material of the U-shaped screw conveyor is one of the main factors affecting the price, and the motor configuration, deceleration power configuration and the diameter of the conveying pipe are carried out according to the conveyance Configuration, both are the main factors affecting the price.


Advantages of spiral trough conveyor

1. High power, low energy consumption, small size and no space;

2. Large conveying capacity, stable conveying, even conveying material, not easy to jam;

3. Convenient maintenance, easy maintenance, and low failure rate;

4. The spiral groove conveyor has no dust when conveying materials, and it has airtightness.

Screw conveyors are widely used in food, building materials, chemicals, machinery manufacturing, and transportation.

It is suitable for conveying various powders, grains, blocks, bulk materials, grains, beans, flour, cement, clay, sand, etc., salt, alkali, fertilizers, etc., as well as bulk bulk materials such as coal, coke and ore. Screw conveyors are not suitable for conveying materials that are easily deteriorated, sticky, large in size, and easily agglomerated. In addition to conveying bulk materials, screw conveyors can also convey various parts.