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Introduction and characteristics of Fu scraper conveyor


The scraper conveyor also uses a variety of forms to push materials out through the scraper. Because the material has the characteristics of internal friction, side friction, etc., the movement of the conveyor chain increases the internal pressure of the conveyor chain and the internal friction between particles increases, forming a stable material flow. Advanced transportation principle and sophisticated design and manufacturing technology provide a reliable guarantee for the excellent performance of this series of products.

fu scraper conveyorThe chains are scraper type, hook type, forged chain, etc., suitable for conveying materials of various properties.

Including the head, tail, feed section, turning section, bend section, middle section, upper turning section, middle addition and discharge port. 1. The head has three forms: horizontal conveying, vertical lifting, and circulating conveying. Figure 12-13 overcomes the floating chain. See Figure 12-14. The welded scraper head structure includes the head shell and the head wheel shaft system. The front of the head is sealed with a cover plate, and the rear end is connected to the transition section. There is an observation hole on the top and a discharge port on the bottom. All joints are reliably sealed. An appropriate position near the head wheel in the middle of the shell is provided with a chain release plate, a supporting guide rail and a scraper. The head shaft system is mainly composed of a head wheel, a head shaft, a bearing seat, a bearing seat, a cover, a through cover, etc. The large sprocket connected with the transmission chain, a small sprocket and a driving device inputs power from the extension end of the head wheel. The head wheel is marked with an arrow indicating the correct direction of rotation. When working, the direction of movement of the scraper chain should be consistent with the direction of the arrow, and it must not be reversed. A protective device can be added between the large sprocket and the extended shaft of the head wheel.

Flow meter advantages of fu scraper conveyor:

1. Large transportation capacity:

Compared with other types of conveyors, it has small volume and large conveying capacity. It only needs 1/5 of the gap of the conveyor or 2/3 of the screw conveyor to convey the same flow of materials. The transmission capacity is 6m3/h to 500m3/h.


2. Long-term service life and low use cost:

The conveyor chain is made of alloy steel for scientific heat treatment. Its normal life is more than 5 years, and the life of the roller on the conveyor chain is not less than 1 year (the most vulnerable part of the whole machine) to ensure that the annual maintenance is less than once, which greatly reduces the cost of use and improves Productivity.

3. Low energy consumption:

Through the internal friction of the material, most of the work done by the moving parts is converted into effective work. The use of hook conveying greatly reduces the resistance of materials, and its energy consumption is only 30% to 60% of that of screw conveying.

4. Sealing and safety:

The whole machine is fully enclosed, making the dust seamlessly drillable, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

5. Flexible process layout:

Various types of feed inlets can be selected at any position of the shell, which can be erected at high altitude, ground or tunnel, and can be installed horizontally or climbing (≤15°).

Six, complete:

FU150, FU200, FU270, FU350, FU410, FU500, FU600, FU700 and other conveyor belts produced by our company can also be processed into non-standard chain conveyor belts according to the manufacturer's requirements.