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Explanation of relevant knowledge of zipper conveyor


Explanation of the parameters of the zipper conveyor and the advantages and disadvantages of the scraper

The zipper conveyor is mainly composed of warehouse mouth, material guide, manual gate device, transmission sprocket set, supporting wheel set, underframe and other components. The components are connected by bolts and can be assembled together, suitable for ground or underground use. The lower end of the warehouse mouth is provided with a guide groove, the drive sprocket group is composed of a chain plate, a sprocket, a bearing seat, a motor and a reduction mechanism, and the underframe is an outer drive handwheel. The two sides of the lower part of the guide trough are equipped with sealing guards, and the manual baffle can realize the opening and closing of the discharge port or the adjustment of the blanking amount. The return sprocket is driven by the end and is equipped with a tensioning device, which is used to tension and adjust the chain plates to run in parallel.


(1) Before starting the machine, check whether the power supply, traction fluid and lubricating fluid level of the reducer are normal.

(2) When the working environment temperature is lower than 40℃, the temperature rise of the reducer should not exceed 40℃;

(3) The gate must be closed before stopping, so that it will start without load when it is turned on again, which can protect the motor, reducer and conveyor belt and extend the service life of the equipment

(4) The conveyor should be inspected, repaired and maintained regularly during use.

(5) All lubrication parts should be lubricated according to regulations.

(6) The gate should be closed first to facilitate the overhaul.

Zipper conveyors and scraper conveyors are two main types. Although both belong to traction conveyors, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. As different equipment, let us take a look at their respective characteristics:

Uses: Mainly used in some warehouses or inland ports.


(1) Its own weight, wear and power consumption are larger than belt conveyors;

(2) Scraper conveying

Application: It can be used for horizontal, inclined and vertical conveying of bulk materials. It is often used for conveying raw grains, semi-finished products and finished products in grain and oil feed plants, especially for the conveying of oil and granary raw grains in the production process of grease processing plants.

Benefits: simple structure, good sealing performance, simple discharging device, multi-point discharging, flexible layout, and multi-directional material transportation.

Defects: troughs that are easy to wear, especially chains that are seriously worn.