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Advantages of plate chain conveyor


The development of the plate chain conveyor has made the market competition more fierce, and at the same time, it has greatly improved the customer’s trust in the plate chain conveyor. The plate chain conveyor as the conveying medium greatly increases the range of conveying materials, not only can convey High-temperature materials, ordinary block materials are still transferable, so the application of the chain conveyor is more and more extensive, which benefits from these characteristics.

The plate chain conveyor is a material conveying machine that continuously conveys materials, also known as a continuous conveying device. It can be horizontal, inclined, vertical or form a space transmission line. The transmission line is usually fixed. According to product requirements, carbon steel, stainless steel and thermoplastic chain materials can be selected in different widths and shapes to complete lines, turns and lifts.


Its advantages are: simple structure, light weight, convenient production and maintenance. The roof chain of the apartment provides a certain width of horizontal support surface for conveying materials. The width of the roof is determined according to the requirements of conveying materials. If a sprocket meshes with a chain, the hinge itself is also part of it. Since there is a certain gap on both sides of the top plate arranged in parallel, it can only move in a straight line. It is very important to ensure that the equipment is installed on a straight sprocket. It is widely used in the design of chain conveyors.

The plate chain conveyor is suitable for heavy-load transportation of irregularly shaped objects. The chain is composed of a large hollow roller connected by a connecting chain and a chain. The chain connects two conveying directions to form a continuous plate and runs smoothly. This machine can be used in conjunction with chain or roller conveyor for pipe bending.

The plate chain conveyor feeds the material at the feed port, the material flow in the hopper rises to the top, and the material is discharged by gravity. The specifications of this series of elevators have been greatly increased, and the production capacity is high, and the energy consumption is low. Instead of other types of elevators, this series of elevators adopts fully-sealed chain transmission, which is fast, without material return, reactive power loss, and low noise.