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Working principle of electric unloader


Electric unloaderCorrect application method: Ensure that the filter bag of the dust collector is in its usual working state. If the working state changes, it should be switched to bypass or empty immediately to avoid adverse effects on the service life of the filter bag. As the dust collection power of the dust collector decreases, it is gradually being replaced.

The economics of electric unloaders require technological innovation, and technological innovation has improved the profitability of enterprises, prompting enterprises to invest more manpower and material resources to build a low-carbon economy, thereby forming a virtuous cycle of development mode within steel enterprises. When working, the preceding environmental conditions are very important, which is related to whether the electromagnetic pulse valve can work normally and smoothly. In order to prevent dust from escaping, make uniform negative pressure in the hood, or use a suction hood to form an inhalation airflow, control the dust area within a narrow range, and suck out the airflow of portable dust. The air pipe (or chimney) is discharged into the atmosphere.

Among them, the electrostatic precipitator for dust removal, the electromagnetic pulse valve has higher power and lower operating cost, but the investment cost is higher, and the equipment covers a large area, so it is used for the first time in coal-fired power plants; the power of wet dust collector is also higher. Moreover, the operating cost is lower, but the discharged mud requires a secondary treatment for hydrophobic and hydraulic dust. The principle of the electrostatic precipitator is reasonable, and the dust bag may be damaged due to punctures or tears.

Among these valves, solenoid valves belong to this type, including swing-type and lift-type insulation check valves. The focus of its maintenance is to check and repair the leaking parts. Pay attention to the following matters during use. In a very important installation environment, when the relative humidity is high and there are water drops and rain, etc., the waterproof electromagnetic pulse valve should be selected. Structural features: explosion-proof structure: explosion-proof type.


There are brackets inside the filter bag to support the filter bag, prevent the filter bag from collapsing, and at the same time help to remove dust and redistribute it. The working principle of the electrostatic precipitator is generally equipped with venturi, flange, chassis and other accessories at both ends of the bag cage. Choose AC and DC according to the type of power source. AC is generally easy to access. For use in corrosive or explosive environments, corrosion-resistant materials that meet safety requirements should be selected first. 6. Under normal circumstances, you can hear a "pop" sound, otherwise, the spring coil will be bent into a "C" shape again from another position.

All of this will eventually be reflected through the continuous expansion of the scale of steel companies and the continuous enhancement of profitability, so that the steel companies will continue to develop. When the flue gas in the electrostatic precipitator passes through the dust collector, the flue gas is collected on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean flue gas enters the filter bag through the filter material. Inside the bag.