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Encyclopedia of Jiaolong conveyor


Production parts

1. Spiral

The propeller can be divided into left and right rotation directions according to the direction in which it is coiled on the shaft. When the formed propeller plane conforms to the right-hand rule, it is right, otherwise it is left. The conveying direction of the material is determined by the helix direction of the screw and the direction of the screw shaft. The left and right rules are also used to judge the material flow direction in the production. The left screw uses the left hand and the left screw uses the right hand. At this time, the four curved fingers represent the spiral. The rotation of the shaft, and the thumb represents the direction of material conveying.

Impeller type entity: (full blade type) the impeller is directly welded or riveted to the shaft for drying powdery particles

Belt: It is fixed on the shaft between the radial rod and the shaft. It is used for block materials with a certain viscosity.

Leaf type: (paddle type) has a strong stirring effect, used to stir the mixture to make the mixture uniformly mixed.

Forming: (saw-tooth type) inherent tooth-shaped grooves for shearing, loosening and agitation. The spirals can be combined.

2. Axis

Hollow shaft: high strength, light weight, convenient connection.

Axis connection: A solid shaft is still used at the connection between the axis and the axis.

①The solid shaft of the connecting part extends into the hollow shaft, and a small sleeve is sleeved on the hollow shaft, and then the hollow shaft and the hollow shaft sleeve are perpendicular to each other with screws. The propeller should be connected to the sleeve at this time.

②Extend the solid shaft into the hollow shaft and fix it with appropriate screws. The thread diameter d=(0.2~0.35) D, which is used for the transportation of fast bearings.

3. Bearing

Head bearing: In the process of material transportation, it bears the axial force generated by the resistance in front of the material.

Intermediate bearing: the split sliding bearing supporting the screw shaft.

4. Material trough

"U" shape, cylindrical shape, when there is a middle suspension, use U shape, when no time, use U shape, round. The two side walls are vertical, and the bottom is semi-circular. The upper end of the side wall is reinforced with longitudinal angle steel, and the cover plate is fixed with this to ensure the sealing and strengthening of the rigidity of the machine slot and the suspension bearing. The inner diameter of the semi-circular spiral blade is greater than about 4~ 8 mm.

working principle

Using the rotary screw machine,Jiaolong conveyorThe material can be dragged to the Jiaolong conveyor. The force without the blade rotation is the weight of the material itself and the frictional resistance between the Jiaolong conveyor shell and the material; the spiral blade is welded on the rotating shaft of the Jiaolong conveyor, and the surface shape of the blade is based on The difference of the conveyed materials can be divided into solid surface shape, belt surface shape, blade surface shape, etc.; the thrust bearing of the screw shaft of the Jiaolong conveyor is set at the end of the material movement direction to produce axial reaction force when the material is screwed. When the captain is long, intermediate suspension bearings should be added.



1. Seal the working state to prevent dust from flying and improve the working environment;

2. Simple structure, small size and compact structure;

3. There can be multiple inlets and outlets at the same time, the process arrangement is flexible, and only one door is opened when working;

4. The conveying direction of the material is reversible, and the material can be conveyed in two directions at the same time;

5. Complete the process of material transportation and mixing, mixing, release, heating and cooling.


1. Before starting the Jiaolong conveyor, check carefully whether there is residual dust and debris in the trough;

2. The feed must be uniform;

3. A screen should be installed at the feed inlet of the Jiaolong conveyor;

4. The machine slot and machine slot cover must always maintain tightness;

5. Before stopping the machine, unload the materials in the fuselage as much as possible;

6. When the machine is stopped during operation, the materials in the fuselage should be drained as much as possible, and it cannot be drained in time;

7. Regularly inspect the spiral blades for wear;

8. The lubrication parts of the conveyor belt should be lubricated strictly as required;

9. When making a harsh noise, check in time;

10. The two bearings of Jiaolong conveyor should be strictly sealed;

11. Pay attention to situations where the temperature exceeds the allowable value.