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How to solve the deflection of the conveyor belt of the plate chain conveyor


It is a relatively common problem that the conveyor belt is skewed during work. The reasons are mostly low assembly accuracy and poor daily maintenance and repair results. Therefore, in the stage of assembling the plate chain conveyor, the first and last rollers and the middle idler should be ensured that they are on the same axis as possible and parallel to each other to keep the conveyor belt from deflection or slight deviation. oblique. In addition, the joints of the belt should be connected to specifications, and the length of both sides should be the same. During operation, if there is a skew, the following investigations must be made to determine the "cause" and make timely repairs. So, if the conveyor belt is really skewed, which parts should we check?


1. Check the degree of coincidence of the horizontal axis of the plate chain conveyor with the vertical axis of the mesh belt. If the offset value exceeds 3mm, the long assembly holes on both sides of the roller set should be used to correct it. The actual operation is which side of the conveyor belt is skewed, the same side of the roller group will be adjusted to the forward direction of the conveyor belt, or the other side is reversed.

2. Check the deviation value of the plane of the assembly bearing base of the head and tail rollers. If their deviation exceeds 1 mm, the two planes must be trimmed in one plane in time. The trimming measures for the head of the plate chain conveyor are: if the conveyor belt is skewed to the right of the roller, the bearing seat on the right of the roller should be adjusted forward or the left seat should be adjusted backward; if the conveyor belt is skewed to the left of the roller , The adjustment method is opposite to the previous adjustment. The trimming of the tail roller is exactly the opposite of the head.

3. Check the position of the conveying material on the belt. If the conveying material is not in the middle of the belt surface, it will also cause the conveyor belt to deflect. If the material deviates to the right, the belt will deviate to the left, and vice versa. When running the plate chain conveyor, try to keep the material in the middle. In order to reduce or avoid deflection, a baffle plate can be added to adjust the direction and position of the material.