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What to do if the conveyor belt of the plate chain conveyor slips


Conveyor belt can be used as the main conveying link of plate chain conveyor, which makes it perform very well in various coal mine smelting, grain and flour processing industries. Both bulk materials and packed materials can be transported. When we install and use such mechanical equipment, we are not clear about the reasons for some accidents that often jump out, so the treatment measures are not appropriate. Next, the editor will tell you, if its conveyor belt is slipping during work execution, how to solve it.


(1) The starting speed of the plate chain conveyor is too fast. Therefore, the speed can be slightly slowed down. If conditions permit, you can also jog twice and then start the machine, which can solve the slippage situation. (2) The initial tension is not large enough. If the tension of its conveyor belt is too small when it leaves the roller, it may cause it to slip. This situation usually occurs when the machine is turned on. The remedy is to correct the tensioning device and appropriately increase the initial tension. (3) The contact friction between the belt and the conveyor drum is too weak. The reason is mostly because of the water stains on the conveyor belt or the wet working area. The remedy is to add some rosin at the end of the drum. But be careful not to put it directly by hand, but to blow it in with a blower to avoid personnel safety problems.

(4) The conveyor belt load of the plate chain conveyor is overloaded, which has exceeded the working energy efficiency of the motor. Compared with the motor, this kind of slip can achieve a certain degree of protection and can prevent the motor from being damaged. But relative to the work execution of the overall equipment, it is a production slip accident. To this end, we must find the cause of the slip in time, and then effectively implement the solution.