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How to repair and maintain the chain scraper


The chain scraper has a stable structure and is suitable for conveying large batches and continuous heavy-duty workpieces. The emergence of chain scraper not only saves labor costs, but also improves production efficiency, and promotes the development of transportation equipment in industrial automation.

Although the application of the chain scraper greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise, the use time is too long. If the maintenance is not carried out in time, not only will the operation be unstable, the noise will be large, but also the life of the conveyor will be shortened, which will affect The production process of the enterprise. The following editor will tell you how to maintain and maintain the chain scraper.

1. Motor maintenance and maintenance methods

Liquid organic matter and diesel cannot be added to the motor and the speed head, and no water can enter, otherwise it will damage the insulation of the motor and the speed head and cause failure; other aspects of maintenance and repair can be carried out in accordance with the motor specifications in the electrician manual.

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2. Repair and maintenance

The chain sleeve temporarily releases oil to make its own lubricating oil heat and volatilize, which will cause the chain sleeve to appear unbalanced, increased noise, slow crawling and other faults during operation; it can be solved by opening the tail cover and adding concentrated lubricating oil to the chain sleeve.

3. Maintenance and maintenance of head reducer

Three months after the first use, the gearbox should empty its engine oil, clean it with diesel and gasoline, then empty it, and add new lubricant to the middle of the observation window;

Ensure that the lubricating oil is sufficient every month, and change the lubricating oil at least once a year. Do not use too much lubricating oil. If it is too much, it will cause the gearbox to heat up, causing the motor to be overloaded, causing the motor maintenance switch to trip; if it is less, it will cause the gearbox to heat up. The noise increases, or the gearbox hangs and is scrapped.

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