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Scraper conveyor manufacturers introduce effective operation measures


During the operation of the scraper conveyor, due to the influence of external factors, it is likely that the transportation will be interrupted. Therefore, the effective operation of the scraper conveyor must be paid attention to at any time. What effective measures need to be taken to achieve this goal?

First, try to make the scraper conveyor run in a straight state. A certain degree of bending is allowed in both the horizontal and vertical directions. This is designed to adapt to the working surface and road transportation. It does not mean that any vertical and horizontal bending of the body is reasonable. When the scraper conveyor turns, the bend angle of the chute joint will be too large, and the chute joint will be damaged by excessive force. After the chute coupling is lost or damaged, the chute coupling cannot be controlled. There will be gaps between the chute couplings when bending, and the coal powder will leak to the bottom groove, which will increase the running resistance or cause a blockage accident. If the laying is uneven, the joints at the overlap of the scraper and the chute will wear more, which will increase the working resistance, shorten the service life, and even affect the work of other auxiliary equipment.

Second, increase the effective running time. When a certain load is used, the higher the ergonomic utilization of the equipment operation, the larger the conveying volume, which can exert greater benefits, increase output and economic benefits.


Therefore, in operations, do everything possible to reduce downtime. Scraper conveyors generally do not allow no-load operation, because no-load will not only shorten the effective running time, but also cause power waste and mechanical failure wear. If the scraper conveyor fails during operation, if the scope of the failure is no longer extended, temporary maintenance measures should be taken as much as possible to keep the equipment in normal operation, and postpone the processing until the overhaul or handover to avoid downtime and extend the effectiveness of the equipment operation hours.

In addition, attention should be paid to whether the actual load of the scraper conveyor is reasonable, and the rated load should be reached as far as possible to give full play to its production capacity. However, if too much material is loaded on the conveyor, the material will overflow out of the chute, consume manpower and material resources in vain, and cause equipment overload and damage to the mechanical parts; too little material will cause the capacity to be insufficient and consume the machinery The increase in volume is not economical.

In addition, the uniformity of the load of the scraper conveyor is also very important. It is not only beneficial to the economic operation of the equipment, but also helps to extend the service life of the parts.