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Classification of shaft conveyors


Shaft conveyorclassification:

Conveyors made of high-strength plastics according to the conveyor chain are also called food conveyors and screw elevators. They are mainly used to transport large products such as cartons, turnover boxes, and bottled water.

(1) Vertical carbon steel screw conveyor

The rotation speed of the spiral body of the vertical conveyor is higher than that of the ordinary conveyor. Centrifugal force is applied to the added material to cause friction between the material and the casing, so that the material cannot rotate with the spiral body, overcome the gravity drop of the material, and realize vertical transportation. This machine has small conveying capacity, low conveying height, high speed, and high energy consumption. It is mainly used for lifting, generally no more than 8 meters.


(2) Horizontal shaft screw conveyor

When feeding in the fixed tank, the piled material is in the lower part of the stacker. Affected by the gravity of the material and the friction with the stacker, it does not rotate with the spiral body, and can only move forward if it is pushed by the spiral blade. Do a translational movement on the screw in order to convey materials. Multi-point loading and unloading, mixing, mixing, and cooling are easy to complete at the same time during the conveying process. They are sensitive to overload and are prone to blockage; they have broken and damaged materials. The horizontal conveying device has a simple structure and is easy to install, maintain and repair. Troubleshooting. It is used to continuously convey bulk materials in a horizontal or slightly inclined direction (below 20º). The working environment temperature is -20-+40℃, and the conveying material temperature is -20-20-20-+80℃, which is lower than the vertical conveying device. Mainly used for lateral or small inclination conveying, the conveying distance generally does not exceed 70 meters

(3) Spiral tube conveyor

The spiral tube conveyor is a conveyor with continuous spiral blades welded in a cylindrical shell. When the spiral blades rotate, the centrifugal force and frictional force of the material will rotate and lift together with the shell. The spiral surface descends and rotates under the action of the spiral tube, so that the added material moves forward, just as the non-rotating material makes a translational motion on the rotating nut. The machine has low energy consumption and low maintenance costs; it can meet the requirements of uneven material feeding, while meeting the functions of conveying, mixing, etc., and it is easy to load and unload at multiple points, and it can convey materials at high temperatures. Used for horizontal transportation of high-temperature materials; for materials with high temperature, uneven feeding, shatterproof and antifouling requirements, and processes that require multiple points of loading and unloading, it has good adaptability. Practice has proved that it is used to transport cement The effect is better with materials such as dry limestone, phosphate rock, ilmenite powder, coal and slag.

The diameter of the material fed at the end feed port cannot be greater than 1/4 of the spiral diameter; the particle size of the material fed from the middle feed port cannot exceed 30 mm. To ensure that the cylinder does not deform, the temperature of the raw material must be controlled at 300°C the following. When the machine head transports abrasive materials, the blades and grooves are worn very seriously. The screw conveyor uses large-capacity silicon powder to transport and grind, so it is not suitable to use the screw conveyor.